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Benefits of Bliq PRO

Get more rides
Thousands of passengers are using the Bliq passenger app. When they ask for a Bliq ride, only Bliq PRO drivers receive that request
Make more money
Only 15% commission from Bliq PRO rides from the Bliq passenger app. Less idle time. More rides on your screen. More money in your pocket.
More info about rides
See additional information compared to the classic apps: price, destination, trip distance and duration, earnings per km for each ride.
Depending on your activity, experience and car, you can earn bonuses: for your first Bliq PRO rides, for advertisements on your car, weekly competitions and many others.
Early access to new features
With Bliq PRO, you can receive new versions of the app before other drivers. You support our work, so you get to see the results before others.
Vote for what we build next
We’ve always developed the app based on your feedback and needs. We’ll continue doing that, with a focus on Bliq PRO drivers. You vote for it, we’ll build it.

How does Bliq PRO help drivers?


More rides, more options, more earnings

The Bliq passenger app creates new earning opportunities for Bliq PRO drivers. The commission for these Bliq PRO rides is only 15%.
We won't always be the cheapest, but all Bliq rides will be affordable for passengers and profitable for drivers.

Information is power. That's what you get with Bliq PRO

Whether you drive with Uber, Bolt, FreeNow, Heetch, Lyft or any other supported platform, we'll try to show you more information than you see in the classic apps, including things like earnings per km or hour.
So you can make better decisions. Thanks to Bliq.

We'll often challenge and reward you.

Despite the low 15% commission, we still organize events and contests for drivers.
Whether you're doing your first ride with Bliq PRO, taking part in a blitz quest, recommending other drivers or passengers (coming soon) or contributing to growing Bliq, we'll show our appreciation for your help and support.

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3750 EUR
90.000+ drivers trust Bliq in 54 countries, 6 continents
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