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Bliq envisions a fair and transparent ride-sharing ecosystem where drivers have the autonomy to manage their income across multiple platforms, and passengers can make informed choices for cost-effective and efficient travel. We aim to foster healthy competition between platforms, which not only aids drivers in selecting the most lucrative opportunities but also enables passengers to benefit from competitive pricing and services.

Press Kit

Our Products

Bliq is your one-stop ridesharing app designed to make your travel experience easy, convenient, and cost-effective. With Bliq, you can effortlessly compare rideshare prices from all the available service providers in your area. Whether it's Uber, Bolt, FreeNow, or other local options, we've got you covered.
Bliq Driver
Bliq Driver allows drivers to connect to all ridesharing platforms, enabling them to work on Uber, Bolt, FREE NOW, etc. simultaneously, managing all their daily activities from one app, while also empowering them with advanced statistics and automation tools.
Our Founders
Julian Glaab
CEO and Co-Founder

Julian, the CEO of Bliq, completes the trio with both experience in software engineering and the mobility business. Following his tenure alongside Johannes at MAN, where he worked in Engineering, Julian's path led him to Siemens Mobility. His international assignments in Canada, Russia, and the US provided him with firsthand insight into the global impact technology will have on mobility. At the heart of Julian's connection with Bliq's customers—gig workers—lies a profound passion for entrepreneurship, which he deeply shares.
Johannes Riedel
COO and Co-Founder

Johannes is passionate about mobility in all its forms. He started out his career in Engineering with the German truckmaker MAN and worked on digital transformation projects in Germany and abroad in South Africa, Russia and the USA for many years. While in the US, he learned about gig work and the challenges that rideshare drivers are facing everyday.
Torgen Hauschild
CTO and Co-Founder

Torgen is a co-founder and CTO of Bliq. He is a tech enthusiast with an academic background in computer science focusing on cloud computing and AI. His 7-year journey at Volkswagen involved prototype development, BI systems, and pioneering e-mobility services. This hands-on experience, coupled with his academic foundation, fuels Bliq's innovation drive.
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